Dr. Sandra Ogata Speaks About Drug Interaction Safety

Sunday, April 13, Dr. Sandra Ogata presented the consequences of drug interactions to the Central Brevard Self Help Group for Multiple Sclerosis at the Cocoa Public Library.

With assistance from Personalized Prescribing Specialist from YouScript®, Stacey Smith, Dr. Ogata spoke about YouScript®, a DNA test that determines the impacts of specific prescription and OTC drugs including herbal and other medicinal remedies. Not to be confused with the warnings that come with all prescribed drugs, Dr. Ogata explained that the test results are specific to the unique DNA of the patient.  She added that the test— a simple cheek swab, also recommends safer alternatives depending on the patient’s unique test results. To make an appointment with Dr. Sandra Ogata, please call 321-268-1995.


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