Duane, Helen, LCSW-R

Therapist Helen Duane draws from her unique background to provide client services that can not be found elsewhere in Brevard County. She is a Certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapist, a Certified Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention Instructor, and a Certified Expert of Social Work and Domestic Violence.

Ms. Duane received her Bachelor of Science with honors in applied psychology and her Master’s with honors in social work from New York University. Ms. Duane has worked in hospital, academic and criminal justice settings, providing a wide range of experience that now informs her practice. That practice includes both short-term and long-term individual therapy, as well as group psychotherapy. Ms. Duane also provides counseling through employee assistance programs for a variety of local businesses. Trained in dialectical, cognitive, behavioral therapy and psychodynamic treatment, she has extensive experience working with patients experiencing anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and a range of situational stressors.

Ms. Duane has developed a 12-24 week weight loss behavioral therapy group that includes weekly therapy sessions and meetings with both a dietician and professional trainer.  Ms. Duane’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction group is one-of-a-kind in Brevard. This therapy treats a wide variety of physical and emotional conditions including anxiety and panic disorders, cancer, chronic pain, chronic disease, and stress.

Ms. Duane strives to help others achieve wellness in both her professional practice and in the services she provides to the community, including her work on the board of directors for Healthy Start in Brevard County. In addition, she developed, and now coordinates, a Wellness and Mindful Living program for preschoolers that utilizes hospital staff and local business leaders to teach children about proper health and nutrition.

Ms. Duane does not require referrals to be seen.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Court Certified Expert of Social Work and Domestic Violence
5005 Port St. John Parkway, Suite 2400
Port St. John, Florida